Of interest to the Harry Potter fans in the audience….

While the Picky Epicurean is eagerly awaiting the release of Harry Potter 7, I can’t say as I have any special interest in the impending release. This isn’t going to stop me from enjoying a midnight release party with the Epicurean.

That being said, here’s a treat for all you Harry Potter fans out there. Livejournal baking maven and craft genius djinnj shares her latest brilliant creation: Harry Potter gelt–that is, milk chocolate galleons.

Review: The Barbecue Joint, Chapel Hill, NC

The Barbecue Joint
630 Weaver Dairy Road
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
(919) 932-7504
Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-9pm (egregiously stolen from another review of the restaurant; please call to confirm)

The Barbecue Joint is hard to find. The Picky Epicurean and I once went to look for it, paying so much attention to the side of the road that we posed a traffic hazard–and still couldn’t find the place. We actually made it there tonight, and it’s pretty clear why we had such trouble the first time around: The Barbecue Joint is in a small, unassuming strip mall, set behind a bank of trees and sharing property with a bagel shop, a kitchen remodeling company, and a tae kwon do studio.
Click here for the full review.

Confused? You should be!

Please point your memex to our shiny new site, www.greek-o-rican.com to learn about adventures in multi-ethnicity! We will post! We will share! We will link egregiously to Wikipedia! We may even occasionaly talk about cooking!

The content of this site will likely be a bizarre mishmash of recipes, cooking tips, restaurant reviews, philosophical rants, snide commentary on Mario Batali and Giada DeLaurentiis, and accounts of my own misadventures in the kitchen. Ethnic cuisine will probably even be covered from time to time. I hope you find it (usually) entertaining and (occasionally) informative.