Is it food? Eight Precious San Pao Tai Tea

So a while ago I was invited to a wedding. My freshly married friend was (and is) an anthropologist who specializes in Chinese minority cultures, so our wedding treats were…interesting. One of the items I received in my goody kit was a mysterious beverage kit labeled “Eight Precious San Pao Tai Tea.” It looked like this:

Mmm... steamy...

And it took me about three years to build up the courage to actually make and drink it.

Hot tea. Sugar crystals. Floaty bits. Read on for more.

Review: The Barbecue Joint, Chapel Hill, NC

The Barbecue Joint
630 Weaver Dairy Road
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
(919) 932-7504
Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-9pm (egregiously stolen from another review of the restaurant; please call to confirm)

The Barbecue Joint is hard to find. The Picky Epicurean and I once went to look for it, paying so much attention to the side of the road that we posed a traffic hazard–and still couldn’t find the place. We actually made it there tonight, and it’s pretty clear why we had such trouble the first time around: The Barbecue Joint is in a small, unassuming strip mall, set behind a bank of trees and sharing property with a bagel shop, a kitchen remodeling company, and a tae kwon do studio.
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