Experiment: Chickens!

I need to apologize.

First, for the inevitable RSS emesis that this post will induce, since it’s been almost two and a half years (!) since my last post.

Second, for the fact that it’s been almost two and a half years (!) since my last post.

I have no excuse.

A lot has changed since I last wrote in this space. New apartment, new job, new garden out front, new CSA subscription (more on that later, I think). One thing that hasn’t changed is my devotion to ethnic (and not so ethnic) cuisine. I’ll continue to post–woefully intermittently, no doubt–various techniques, recipes, and experiments to this blog, and I hope you will enjoy reading and discovering and occasionally scalding your hand or something.

Oh, there’s another new thing going on at the Greek-o-Rican household: chickens!


Since I’ve only had the chickens for a few days so far, I’ll be brief. I’ll be sure to let the silent void know if there are any updates as they arise.

The main impetus for chicken acquisition (other than wanting a reliable source of healthy home-grown eggs) is my new fenced backyard. Once I knew I’d be staying in the area a while, I got in contact with a mysterious chicken farmer I found on Craigslist, who promised guaranteed healthy and accurately-sexed pullets for $5 a pop. This sounded a lot better to me than playing rooster roulette in the chick bin at the feed store, so I took him up on his offer and got two barred Plymouth Rocks and two Rhode Island Reds. Both breeds are easily handled, relatively docile, and not too broody–and they are both reasonably productive layers. The four ladies arrived in a tomato crate at the ripe old age of 5 weeks.

So we built them a coop. (Elapsed time approximately 3 1/2 very busy weekend days over 2 weekends.)

The modern coop lifestyle

And the girls took to their new homes in record time.

Hey ladies... you chicks live around here?

They’re still young yet–we’re looking at something like 15-20 weeks before we start seeing egg production–but they have appetites to beat the band. They like earthworms, garden pests, wild strawberry leaves, chicken starter feed, piña coladas, getting caught in the rain….

They’ve been out to explore the yard a couple of times, but mostly stick close to their little red A-frame home. The bunnies are very curious about them. The cat isn’t sure whether they are food or toys.

Watch this space for updates as they grow, develop personalities, and hopefully start delivering delicious orbs of tastiness.

3 thoughts on “Experiment: Chickens!

    1. We have a set of provisional names but haven’t assigned them yet… I think we need to wait a bit so we can discover their personalities. For now they’re still “the big Rock”, “the little Rock”, “the big Red” and “the little Red”. But we’re hoping that the chickens avoid the fate of the bunnies, who have been “Brave Girl” and “Shy Girl” for going on a year and a half now.

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